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In the classroom MathMetrics can handle students of all skill levels, and diagnose where the student has forgotten or is finding a maths skill or concept difficult.

Perks of using MathMetrics in Class

No matter the size or composition of the class, MathMetrics is equipped to test and teach every skill level and analyse which skill and concept are stumping which student. MathMetrics tracks every question that it gives to a player and highlights exactly where a shortfall may exist. It empowers teachers to focus on the root of a students’ conceptual problem and provides an easy way for understanding that particular skill.

Pass & Play; A Treat For Students

MathMetrics has two modes of the game; the “Pass & Play” and the “Online” gaming mode. The “Pass & Play” gaming mode was specifically designed for classes where devices (iPads, Tablets, Smart phones) are in short supply. Teachers can easily make up different groups of 2 to 6 students per device to play the game in the “Pass & Play” mode.

The colourful and interesting theme of MathMetrics is very attractive and it can be used as a reward motivator to encourage students to complete their work in time, and then play to learn!

Stimulating Minds And Building Strong Concepts

The “Pass & Play” mode of MathMetrics will not only allow students to practice their maths skill but the game’s setting also enables students to assist each other. This combined effort stimulates the students minds and allows them to teach each other, to investigate, and debate reasons for certain answers.

The “Pass & Play” mode also brings advance and weaker students together while playing the same game, allowing for the stronger students to become “teachers” and the weaker students to build up their math skills in other ways. In this informal sitting maths is understood by everyone in an interesting way. Teachers can further share the diagnostic reports of all students with their parents and encourage them to participate as well.

The questions in the game adhere to the syllabus of your state/province.