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Students can enjoy maths with their friends in a fun and progressive way directly or play “Online” on the cloud by connecting with other students all over the world.

Perks of MathMetrics for Students  

Considering how students are always up for fun, MathMetrics brings out the fun in Mathematics, by alienating its challenging aspects and making everything engaging and enjoyable. MathMetrics is the Ultimate tool for students who find some of its concepts and methods difficult. It will not only act as a guide to understanding maths, but will also make clear its concepts in an amazing way.

MathMetrics Finds Your Conceptual Shortcomings

No matter what syllabus grade a student is in, MathMetrics tests their skills and points to/analyzes exactly where their problem may lie. MathMetrics hones a student’s concepts by offering a unique set of interesting math questions that enforces all of the principles of that syllabus grade year. It also allows parents and teachers to root out the issues that the student has by providing precise diagnostic reports.

Building Up Concepts

MathMetrics is an enriched learning experience for a student, where it’s two amazing game modes, provides students the opportunity to compete yet learn together. The “Pass & Play” mode of the game brings students of all skill levels together where they can in a combined effort help each other understand maths concepts in each game and stimulate each other by investigating the correct answer.

Moreover, the “Online” gaming mode, connects students from around the world together where they can play the game asynchronously over the cloud and answer question in accordance with their own particular grade syllabus, thus competing on an even footing.

MathMetrics is changing lives. See some of the students tell how MathMetrics helped them in understanding maths: