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MathMetrics is equipped to test every skill level and analyse which skills and concepts are stumping a student. MathMetrics tracks every question/answer, analysing exactly which basic principle is being used in every game, for each player. Access is available to the teacher or parent to backtrack to whichever basic principles the student may be misunderstanding.

MathMetrics is statistically designed and if played for an hour per week for the school year, the player should cover all of the skills and concepts required for their syllabus year.

Through MathMetrics diagnostic mechanism in every game and at every level, we enable teachers and parents (Report Viewers) to find out the exact skill and concepts with which their child is having difficult and may require practice.  Parents, can easily make their child’s diagnostic report available online, to their child’s teacher or tutor.  Conversely a teacher can make a student’s Diagnostic report available to the child’s parents.

It empowers teachers to focus on the root of a students’ conceptual problem and provides an easy way for understanding that particular skill.