Linked Up Learning - The complete courseware system

About Us

LinkedUpLearning is based in Victoria BC and aims to build up interactive tools that will help students boost their mathematical skills, ranging from the basic concepts to advanced problem solving. Our online applications enable not only teachers, but parents to decipher where the students skills are lacking and then help them learn the specific building blocks, that they are lacking, in an interesting and engaging way.

Our History

The man behind LinkedUpLearning is Rod Cummings, who’s ‘Love For Mathematics’ and ‘Passion to Help People Understand Maths’ is the reason behind the formation of LinkedUpLearning.

Rod started in the 80’s with computerised maths laboratories and then to gamify maths with a statistically designed mathematical board game that offered an enjoyable way to the understanding of maths. The game proved itself by having 25,000+ pieces sold into school classrooms alone, and producing excellent learning results in students.

After extensive research for 7 years, the game which has now come be known as “MathMetrics” is digitized and enriched to teach students varied aspects of maths in an equally progressive manner. The interactive setting of MathMetrics covers all the skills and maths concepts required by a student for their syllabus year and allows parents and teachers to provide a 360° treatment to any misunderstanding or lacking of maths concepts.

Our Agenda

The team at LinkedUpLearning believes that unlike any other subject, Maths is not a guessing game. Mathematics is like a tree, you have to climb each branch to reach the top. To master Maths, each basic skill, principle and concept needs to be understood before moving on to the next level. Furthermore, Maths is also psychological, so if a student has a problem in understanding a certain principle, skill or concept this can inhibit them when this is required to move on to understanding other topics of maths.

At LinkedUpLearning, we aim to ease a student’s progress by bringing in our years of knowledge to digital devices in shape of very enjoyable game i.e. MathMetrics. Through MathMetrics, we are also able to assist teachers diagnose conceptual problems a student has and point directly to the skills and concepts that may be missing from a student’s math vocabulary.

Currently MathMetrics is hosted on the Cloud which promises 100% uptime and availability on most hand held and desktop devices.
We have arrived at this point through the support from the people who share in our vision, ideas, passions and the Love of Maths. So if you want to join in our cause and want to help us spread the word through your contacts and sponsor MathMetrics into schools in your community. Feel free to comment and Contact us at any time.