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MathMetrics, an enhanced mathematical interactive game application allows players of varying age groups and skill levels to compete on an equal footing and improve their math skills. It also assists teachers and parents to diagnose the conceptual problems that the students may have in maths, in a fun and progressive way.

Mentioned below are some fantastic features of MathMetrics:

  • MathMetrics is statistically designed, and if played for an hour per week for the school year, the player should cover all of the skills and concepts required for their syllabus year
  • Groups of 2 to 6 students in a class room with one device can use MathMetrics at a time to compete and learn from each other while honing their mathematical skill
  • Each Player of MathMetrics has the ability to select their grade level from pre-K-12 and has an equal chance of winning, as all players are handicapped by playing with a question set that relates directly to their Syllabus
  • It is suitable for all skill levels, and serves to cover off on principles and techniques that you may have either forgotten or have previously missed
  • MathMetrics offers two modes of game play: the “Pass & Play” mode, when a single device is used, or the “Online” mode, where all players are connected via the cloud and have their own devices.
  • MathMetrics offers Diagnostic reports which allows parents/teachers/students to discover the areas where the student is weak or require practice
  • It keeps track of all the questions per student in the game and analyzes which skills and concepts that are stumping each player
  • It encourages students to discover new ideas and stimulates discussions into investigating certain solutions and methods
  • Hones the skills of young students by gradually teaching them advance mathematical principles from higher grade questions
  • MathMetrics currently comes in three subscription plans, which allows you to either pay monthly, 6 monthly or yearly. There is also a School/Sponsorship plan.
  • LinkedUpLearning also offers a sponsorship program, with a one-time payment, businesses and parents can become involved in their community by sponsoring MathMetrics into their local schools, giving schools and teachers the opportunity to have their students part take in the fun learning experience
  • Our system is periodically updated to add new and more informative content to the game, new engaging scenarios, levels and gamification
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