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MathMetrics provides parents the opportunity to join in the fun of learning mathematics in an interesting way which will directly benefit their child’s maths concepts and skill.

Perks of using MathMetrics at home

Through MathMetrics diagnostic mechanism in every game and at every level, we enable parents to find out the exact skill and concepts with which their child is having difficulties. Should you have more than one child in the family, the system allows individual access to each of your children’s teachers, making diagnosis available directly to the teacher.

Parents Will Learn Too

Parents too, can join in on the amazing learning experience by choosing either the same syllabus as their child, or a syllabus which they find relevant to their Maths skills and can then join in the game and have fun while their children learn maths in a fun friendly environment.

Connecting Parents With Teachers

With the help of MathMetrics’ engaging content and uniquely distinguished games, parents can easily establish what their child’s shortcomings in mathematics are. Parents, can also, make available online, their child’s diagnostic report to their child’s teacher or tutor.

MathMetrics is truly the most practical and enjoyable way for parents to help their child,  succeed at any level of mathematics. See what Parents all over the world think about MathMetrics: